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United States Mint, Department of Treasury

The primary mission of the United States Mint, a bureau of the Department of the Treasury, is to produce an adequate volume of circulating coinage for the Nation to conduct its trade and commerce.

The United States Mint produces coins that reflect the history and diversity of our national heritage. The concept that these coins are "History In your Pocket" is the basis of the United States Mint Education Initiative (MEI). Through the MEI, the United States Mint is committed to guiding the fiscal education of today's youth through its H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site, with continually updated academic and entertainment content. It is also a cross-curricular educational resource for parents and teachers, using coins as a vehicle to teach lessons aligned with national standards in language arts, math, social studies and science. Numerous lesson plans and activities have been developed for the Web site to help parents and teachers introduce children to the importance of financial understanding at a young age.

Currently available on the H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site are free educational resources, K-12 lesson plans, interactive cartoons and projects that introduce the youngest of learners to the identification of circulating coins and their values.


Kim Jenkins

United States Mint

Education Coordinator

801 9th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20220

Tel: 202.354.8460

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