The National Theatre for Children

In 1978, The National Theatre for Children (NTC) dedicated itself to educating students on important and timely curricular subjects by offering live educational theatre to our nation's schools. Today, NTC is an award-winning educational content provider that offers a platform of unique, turn-key financial educational programs for students and their families, including:

  • Theatrical, all-school assemblies
  • Extracurricular events
  • Professional development
  • Print and digital curriculum
  • Volunteers-in-the-schools

NTC has pioneered extremely successful programs that motivate and inspire K-12 students, their families and educators. We positively influence student behavior in financial literacy, investor education, energy conservation, science, geography, environmental awareness, conflict resolution, healthy living and safety.

Our programs are funded by corporate, governmental and nonprofit organizations that want to be associated with providing financial education to our nation's youth. Tested and accepted by top educators and independent research firms, our programs build excitement throughout a school and community, inspiring students and their parents to build good money habits.

NTC is an international company with operations in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

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