04/25/2014 - The Centsables

The Centsables


Help kids to a brighter future…starting tomorrow.

There’s a new breed of superheroes on Saturday morning TV. The award-winning Centsables television show introduces kids to financial concepts as it enthralls them in action adventures.

The Centsables TV series is aired on the Fox Business Network, Saturday mornings at 11:00 a.m. ET. Check the cable TV listings for your local Fox Business Channel.

E/I programming that’s winning awards by winning over young viewers.

Aimed at viewers ages 6-12, the episodes are built around six lovable super-friends – bankers by day, heroes by choices – who dispatch evil villains and rescue the citizens of Centsinnati from financial disaster. As they take on money-grubbing bad guys like the Liquidator, Credi-tor, the Bouncing Baby Boy and Count DeFeit, the Centsables model diversity, good money choices, and prosocial skills to their young audience. Each episode also features Quiz Kids Game segments with financial facts and trivia that add to the learning….and fun.

The Centsables TV series was recently honored by the internationally respected Parents’ Choice Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting quality media for children. The show received a Parents’ Choice Award based upon its educational value and benefits to children’s social and emotional growth and well-being.

  • Interactive website

The adventures--and the learning--continue with an interactive website, as the Centsables lead kids through practical, real-life lessons on banking, investing, credit, and more. Plus there’s games, puzzles, serialized comic books, an informative parent link, plus downloadable lesson plans and other materials, all at no cost.

Advocates like you to get the word out.
We are asking all JumpStart’s supporters to reach out to every school district, organization, club, and parent group you know, urging them to bring the Centsables TV show into their homes. So a financially secure future can begin this Saturday for all the youngsters in your area…and continue every day for them, on www.centsables.com.  

Mark DiPippa
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