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Tennessee Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy - October 2014

Tennessee Teachers take selfie

Tennessee teachers attending the 2014 teacher's conference participated in
a scavenger hunt. "Take a selfie" was one of the items on their "to do" list.

The Tennessee Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy is a non-profit organization comprises approximately 50 individuals and organizations representing a diverse cross section of business, government, and education that have joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Tennessee youth.

Tennessee Jump$tart conducted its first meeting in September 2000, and has since been a leader in financial education. In 2009, Tennessee Jump$tart was recognized as the State Coalition of the Year by the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. Selection for the award was based on the coalition’s effectiveness and innovation in reaching teachers as well as the coalition’s overall high quality programming.

Annual Teacher’s Conference
June 10-12, 2015, will be the 11th annual Personal Financial Education Teacher Conference. This premier 3-day event held in the beautiful Smoky Mountains brings together close to 200 financial education professionals to share financial concepts and resources. The conference provides the necessary credentialing for high school educators to teach the required Tennessee personal finance course. The conference is open to all school and community educators in Tennessee and across the country.

Educator Recognition
During the annual conference several educators are recognized for their innovative teaching methods and commitment to financial education.  These teachers are awarded Excellence in Teaching Personal Finance Teacher of the Year. These educators often present sessions at the conference to share their best practices.

Speakers Bureau
The coalition has a Speakers Bureau available to individuals involved in the educational system.  Speakers are listed by subject matter expertise, or organizations are listed that can cover a variety of topics. The Speakers Bureau can be found under Resources at www.tnjumpstart.org.

Other Collaborative Events
Tennessee Jump$tart partner organizations work together on a number of efforts including a Financial Football media event  at a local high school with the Tennessee Titans quarterback and the Tennessee State Treasurer; an annual financial literacy proclamation and picture with the Governor; collaborative presentations and trainings; and more!

More partners and conference sponsors!  If you or someone in your organization is involved in education either through the school system or working with community groups, Tennessee Jump$tart would love for you to become a coalition partner.  Financial education is needed by all individuals, not just students or low-income adults.  Every person needs to know how to make the most of their money and how to manage their budget. Please reach out to the coalition and attend a meeting.

Benefits include:

  • Updates on the financial education policy and research
  • Networking and professional development opportunities at partner meetings and events
  • Insight into problems and solutions in financial literacy
  • An opportunity to help make financial education top of mind instead of an afterthought

As part of a federal grant, Tennessee Jump$tart partners and board members worked collaboratively with a local university to develop a curriculum focused on college access and success. As part of the grant, educators who took a personal finance methods graduate course were required to attend our conference. This has been a great collaboration!

Tennessee Jump$tart is making use of social media and technology. Follow Tennessee Jump$tart on Facebook and Twitter for updates about coalition activities and financial education. During the annual conference, the use of a QR code further engages participants. This fall and winter the coalition will be hosting webinars to help teachers better understand specific financial education concepts.

Carla Jarrell, President
Tennessee Jump$tart Coalition
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