Take Charge America

Take Charge America is a non-profit financial education, credit counseling and housing counseling organization dedicated to helping consumers improve their financial futures through education, counseling and money management solutions. Founded in 1987, Take Charge America (TCA) has helped more than 1.6 million consumers manage their finances.

In support of personal finance and literacy, TCA offers free online tools and resources to help educate consumers on the impact of their debt and savings. TCA teaches consumers how to gain control of their finances, pay off unsecured debt and save for the future. In addition, elementary lesson plans are available to educators and parents to help children understand the importance of establishing a healthy financial lifestyle at a young age. Visit www.TakeChargeAmerica.org to learn more.

In 2003, a major endowment gift from TCA to the University of Arizona established the Take Charge America Institute for Consumer Financial Education and Research. As the primary sponsor, TCA remains committed to the Institute, which is focused on improving financial literacy through the development of research-based educational programs like the Family Economics & Financial Education (FEFE) curriculum. The FEFE program provides a no-cost turnkey curriculum to high schools across the country, currently impacting more than 750,000 high school students per year.

As a non-profit organization trusted by consumers and partners around the country, TCA is the only organization of its kind to receive a Better Business Bureau Business Ethics Award recognizing its ethical business practices and integrity in the marketplace. TCA is a member of the Association of the Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies, a national membership organization to promote quality and consistent delivery of credit counseling services. All TCA credit counselors complete up to 280 hours of college-accredited training in consumer debt management and become nationally certified as credit counselors.

Michael Sullivan
Director of Education
Take Charge America
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Phoenix, AZ 85027

Phone: (623) 266-6112
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