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State Requirements - West Virginia

2006 WV HB 2837

HB 2837 Passed West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2520.4 -Effective July 1, 2006. AN ACT to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by adding thereto a new section, designated §18-2-7c, relating to directing the State Board of Education to develop a program of instruction on personal finance that may be integrated into the curriculum in the secondary schools.

Policy 2520.4: The West Virginia Board of Education adopted revisions to the Social Studies Content Standards and Objectives. Personal Finance now provided in Twelfth Grade Social Studies Content Standards: Civics for the 21st Century, is the capstone social studies course combining civics, economics and geography to prepare students as 21st Century citizens. Students engage 21st century tools to expand upon their critical thinking and problem-solving skills allowing them to become financially literate, to develop civic efficacy, and to acquire the geographic knowledge necessary to understand the physical and human systems of the world. Students become informed decision makers as they work collaboratively and develop a correct awareness of their place in a global society.

Status Description:
Personal Finance Education Provided within Social Studies Economics Content Standards: Civics for the 21st Century Required for High School Graduation

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