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State Requirements - South Carolina

2005 SC HB 3020

HB 3020 (A38, R40, H3020) Signed by Governor on April 15, 2005. Section 59-29-410. (A) The State Board of Education shall develop or adopt curricula, materials, and guidelines for local school boards to use in implementing a program of instruction on financial literacy within courses currently offered in high schools in this State. The State Board of Education and local boards of trustees may establish a special fund in which to receive public appropriations and private contributions to provide financial incentives. State Board of Education shall award grants to local school boards of trustees to provide financial incentives for the promotion of financial literacy as outlined in that section. In awarding grants, every effort must be made to ensure that all geographic areas of the State are represented. The State Board of Education shall incorporate the elements of the financial literacy program in Section 59-29-410. (B) into the South Carolina Academic Standards of Instruction for kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The Financial Literacy Instruction is established to increase the knowledge of personal finance and investments among all school students. Financial literacy instruction shall be incorporated within current courses throughout the state in accordance with The Financial Literacy Instruction Act (§59-29-410) established to amend Chapter 29, Title 59, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976. The goal of Economics is to increase students' financial literacy and to sharpen their critical thinking and analytical skills regarding to the structure of the American economic system. With regard to financial literacy, students are also given instruction in banking and financial institutions, credit card and credit management, and stock and bond markets.

Status Description:
Personal Finance Education Provided within Social Studies Economics Content Standards Required for High School Graduation

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