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State Requirements - Ohio

2007 OH SB 311

SB311 Passed December 2007 (R.C. 3313.603(B) and (C)) The bill prescribes a new minimum high school curriculum for public and chartered nonpublic schools. Called the "Ohio Core," the new curriculum first applies to the Class of 2012. Thus, students entering the ninth grade in the 2008-2009 school year in any public or chartered nonpublic school will be subject to the new minimum curriculum. Students attending nonchartered nonpublic schools remain subject to the current curriculum requirements. As with the current state minimum high school curriculum, the new Ohio Core consists of 20 units of study, but the distribution of those units among subject areas is changed from current law. (R.C. 3313.603(C)(6)) Under the bill, each public and chartered nonpublic high school must integrate the study of economics and financial literacy into the content of one or more of the Ohio Core social studies classes or another class so that all students receive the instruction.

Each school shall integrate the study of economics and financial literacy, as expressed in the social studies academic content standards adopted by the state board of education under section 3301.079 of the Revised Code, ensuring that every high school student receives instruction in those concepts. See Personal Finance Curriculum below, although, there is no formally approved course of study.

Status Description:
Personal Finance Education Provided within Social Studies Academic Content Standards Required for High School Graduation

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