Kentucky Jump$tart Speakers Bureau

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Do you need a guest speaker to present financial literacy topics such as investing, budgeting, saving, financing, or insurance? Kentucky Jump$tart’s “Speakers Bureau” is a network of volunteers in Kentucky who wish to promote personal financial literacy within Kentucky school systems and communities. Jump$tart members offer their knowledge and expertise to guest speak on a variety of topics. To request a guest speaker use the contact information. Each volunteer of Jump$tart’s “Speakers Bureau” taps his/her unique talents to educate individuals about, advocate for, and grow support for personal financial literacy.

First convened in December, 1995, the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy determined that the average student who
graduates from high school lacks basic skills in the management of personal financial affairs. Many are unable to balance a checkbook
and most simply have no insight into the basic survival principles involved with earning, spending, saving and investing. Many people fail
in the management of their first consumer credit experience, establish bad financial management habits, and stumble through their lives
learning by trial and error. The Coalition´s direct objective is to encourage curriculum enrichment to ensure that basic personal financial
management skills are attained.

Members of the Kentucky Jump$tart Coalition who wish to have yourself or your company listed under the Speakers Bureau section of the website please email Vicki Blair at Turn on JavaScript!. Topics must be of a personal finance nature and you must demonstrate some level of expertise on the topic. Please note that this is not a promotional or sales opportunity. It is an opportunity to provide education to civic organizations, schools, and community groups that seek speakers for their professional meetings or classroom.