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Snigglezoo Entertainment's award-winning "Money Mammals: Saving Money Is Fun" DVD, the first video created specifically to teach kids about the value of money, was highlighted by The Wall Street Journal as a great tool to teach financial literacy fundamentals. The DVD entertains and engages kids and parents via upbeat songs and a story line that illustrates the importance of saving money. John Lanza, Snigglezoo's Chief Mammal, recently penned a picture book titled "Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal" to further drive home the message of the DVD. The characters and content have grown into The Money Mammals® Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club, a premium youth marketing program available for license by credit unions nationwide.

The Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club is designed to attract and retain children age 11 and under and uses video, print and online media to encourage kids (and parents!) to develop great money habits and life-long relationships with its credit union partners. It's the only club that includes original games that entertain and educate. The Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club also features a wide range of quality products that enhance the message of the program, such as passbooks and newsletters. Virtually everything in the Kids Club can be customized with partner branding.

In addition to the DVD, book, Kids Club and a growing line of financial literacy products that are available at the online store (, The Money Mammals perform in interactive, live events featuring the characters as puppets at community centers, schools, libraries and other venues. Children who attend these events can craft and carry home customizable banks featuring their favorite characters. The events make an incredible impact on the children and families in attendance.

John Lanza
Creator & Chief Money Mammal
Snigglezoo Entertainment/The Money Mammals
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Los Angeles, CA 90004

Phone: (323) 962-6828

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