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Sallie Mae Fund


The Sallie Mae Fund




The Sallie Mae Fund, a charitable organization sponsored by Sallie Mae, achieves its mission — to increase college awareness for America's students — by supporting programs and initiatives that help open doors to higher education. Since 2001, The Fund has contributed more than $128 million to address key barriers to college access and support the community. Their biggest program, Kids2College®, is a middle school program that supplies foundational college awareness to children in grades 5th through 7th




Experts agree that middle school is a critical time for instilling in students a passion for college. K2C® is a unique program that uses the prism of career aspirations to expose students to the value and accessibility of a higher education. It is the only free, national program that engages local colleges for a memorable introduction to college.

Over the course of six in-classroom sessions, sixth graders learn about different careers and the importance of being college ready. The curriculum uses age-appropriate and interactive activities that reinforce the importance of setting students' sights on college. Student handbooks and a companion teacher's guide help facilitate the program in the classroom, and related take-home materials are used to facilitate family discussion. To conclude the program, students and parents participate in a group visit to a local college campus to cement the college experience.



We need schools and organizations who can administer the program to deserving children. We provide all the materials and training for free, but we need teachers, counselors, organization leaders, and/or volunteers to provide the lessons to their schools and communities. 



 On-line survey results for K2C® participants

We have a new paper Pre- and Post-Survey for the program. The new survey is machine readable which means you don't have to do any data entry or tabulation of your surveys and the results can be seen instantly via our new administrative website.


Spanish translation of entire K2C® curriculum

All of the Kids2College® materials are now available in Spanish. You can conduct your entire program in Spanish or simply have the Spanish language materials as an option.



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