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RI Jump$tart Coalition - September 2015

Rhode Island Jump$tart


The Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, formed in 2004, to support the personal financial capability of Rhode Island youth and under-served populations. The organization’s mission is achieved through its ongoing efforts to:

  • Raise statewide awareness of the need for personal financial literacy through programs, activities and social media.  
  • Organize professional development workshops and conferences for Rhode Island educators, librarians, social services providers and other interested professionals.  
  • Offer student competitions, such as the Rhode Island Personal Finance Challenge, and host student awards/recognition ceremonies.
  • Coordinate and promote cooperative efforts and initiatives among coalition members.
  • Support personal financial education standards and legislation.
The Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition regularly partners with businesses, educators, government officials, and non-profit organizations to support programs that advance financial capability across the state and region, such as Money Smart Week. The Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition is a proud affiliate of the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy®.
Rhode Island Jump$tart organized the state 2015 Personal Finance competition and arranged for travel to the Nationals for the East Greenwich High School team. As Rhode Island's top-scoring high school team, they competed in the National Personal Finance Challenge at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  From left to right: Team Captain Charlotte Palmer, Wei Li, Amy Kulm and Matthew Durant. The Rhode Island Personal Finance Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of personal finance by competing with other students from across the state in multiple-choice examinations. 


  • October 2015: Teacher Training Initiative at Rhode Island College
    The Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition will host a one-day teacher training workshop, sponsored by Fidelity Investments, on Oct. 29, at Rhode Island College. This free, hands-on personal finance workshop will offer 50 Rhode Island K-12 teachers the chance to interact with experts in the financial field, and to share their own teaching ideas and plans with other educators. Teachers also will receive training in the Virtual Economics 4.5 materials, developed by the Council for Economic Education.
  • January 2016: Rhode Island Financial Capability Conference at Rhode Island College
    The Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition currently is organizing a second Rhode Island Financial Capability Conference in January 2016 at Rhode Island College. The  free conference will provide opportunities for educators, social services providers, librarians and community members to build their knowledge about personal finance and to share best practices. Business experts, educators, government officials and non-profit leaders will serve as speakers and discussion leaders throughout the day. Conference presentations will cover: budgeting, saving, investing, college planning, online safety and resources for educators. At its first offering in December 2014, this conference received outstanding reviews.


The Rhode Island Foundation selected Rhode Island Jump$tart Coaltion for its “2015 Best Practice Advocacy Award” in recognition of the organization’s successful work in advocating for the adoption of statewide personal finance standards in 2014. In addition, U.S. Congressman Jim Langevin presented the Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition with a Congressional Citation in May 2015, in honor of the organization’s “extraordinary efforts and advocacy for financial capability in Rhode Island.” In June 2015, the Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition was awarded a $2,000 legislative grant, sponsored by Sen. Elizabeth Crowley.


We are in the process of expanding and building our state’s coalition, and invite you to join us in supporting the important work we are doing. Please follow us on Twitter and on Facebook, and share our activities with others in your networks. In addition, information on how organizations and individuals can officially sign up to partner with the Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition will be posted on our website within the next few months.    


Margaret Brooks, Ph.D., President
Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition
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