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Founded in 1991, Navicore Solutions is a national nonprofit organization that “strengthens the well-being of individuals and families through education, guidance, advocacy and support.” Its mission conveys the compassionate guidance it provides to individuals and families as the staff collaborates with clients, partners, and friends. Navicore is an advocate of financial education for the community at large, and it is our goal is to provide these services to meet the needs of the community and help consumers achieve and maintain financial stability.

Navicore is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation(COA). The COA commitment to maintain the highest level of standards and quality improvement is designed to identify providers that have set high performance standards for themselves and made a commitment to their constituents to deliver the highest quality services. Navicore Solutions is also an approved Housing Counseling National Intermediary in accordance with the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  


Navicore Solutions provides a wide range of services nationwide including the following core services: 

  • Personal Financial Counseling is provided by certified counselors. A complete budget analysis for consumers experiencing budget, credit or debt related concern. One-on-one counseling assesses the consumer’s monthly financial profile and facilitates guidance to resources. 
  • Financial Education is delivered through individual counseling, workshops, and written material.  The agency has become a preferred provider of workshops and seminars for local community members and clients on a wide range of financial education topics.  
  • Debt Management Program – Navicore Solutions' Debt Management Program (DMP) is a consolidation of all unsecured debt. 
  • Pre/Post Bankruptcy Counseling and Education - Approved by the US Trustees Office, the organization offers counseling and education components required under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.   
  • Student Loan Counseling – Comprehensive student loan debt counseling services are offered to anyone in need.  Certified Student Loan counselors also provide one- on-one financial guidance prior to and during students’ college education to help place them in a position to succeed academically and financially.  
  • Housing Counseling – The housing counseling program offers Pre-purchase, Rental, Default/Foreclosure, and Reverse Mortgage counseling services that are integrated with others that address the needs of community residents.


A large percentage of those whom Navicore currently assists are through referrals from individuals have helped in the past. Our services can also be of benefit to the employer and their employees, in addition to our clients.  Therefore, Navicore Solutions actively seeks referral partnerships with other businesses or organizations. 

One of the agency’s core competencies is to provide quality and compassionate services in an efficient manner. To reduce the cost of these services, Navicore researches funding resources for financial support on an ongoing basis.  Program participants and consumers benefit directly from any funding received, as it aids us in keeping costs to a minimum and enables the expansion of the educational programs and financial literacy services offered.  Opportunities to submit proposals for funding sources that would help facilitate this work would be welcome. 


Navicore Solutions seeks to address the needs of those in default while developing resources to mitigate the level of student loan debt.  With a focus on developing long-term solutions to address the student loan crisis, independent non-profit counselors are trained and certified to provide education and resources. 

Focusing on implementation rather than the volume of financial literacy, Navicore Solutions developed a financial coaching program that adheres to the following principles:

  • It must be relevant to the student and valued
  • The student must be actively involved in the plan development
  • Discussions must be frequent and progressive
  • Goals are set and tracked
  • Session lengths are short but productive. Information is provided in “bite sized” chunks that are relevant to the student.  

Working hand in hand with the student and their family, an action plan is developed based on the known first year’s expenses and income sources. Illustrating how the student can fund their college education while minimizing the amount of student loan debt helps ensure that the student can complete their education.  The plan incorporates the following:  

  • The depletion rate of current savings
  • The accumulation of student loan debt over time
  • Potential funding shortfalls in specific semesters
  • Additional income or funding needs.  

Students and family create “what if” scenarios based on expected changes in income and expenses, which allows them to adjust quickly when their plan gets a little off track. This process helps to safeguard the consequences of poor decisions that may not be felt until years later. Navicore’s program puts financial literacy into practice.  It teaches budgeting, planning and money management skills. Students establish short and long term plans to meet college expenses, they limit student loan debt and establish strong budget skills and habits throughout college, working towards long term financial security.  


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