09/06/2013 National Foundation for Credit Counseling

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What We Do:

Founded in 1951, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) is the nation’s largest and longest-serving network of nonprofit credit counseling agencies. With over 650 physical locations across the country, NFCC Member Agencies help two million consumers annually to improve their personal financial situation.

What We Offer:

All NFCC Member Agencies are 501(c) 3 nonprofit organizations. They provide a variety of services, including budget counseling and education, Debt Management Plans, counseling referral services, financial literacy courses, housing counseling, bankruptcy counseling and education, and more. Additionally, one-third of our members are multi-service agencies specializing in community-based social service programs.

Every client of an NFCC Member Agency receives comprehensive money management services based on their individual needs. Members provide free and/or affordable services offered in person or by phone, with agencies also providing web-based opportunities. Housing counseling is also provided by many members for consumers who want to purchase homes, and for those who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments.

Each NFCC Member Agency is individually accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). COA is an independent, third-party, not-for-profit, accrediting organization that has reviewed more than 1,500 social service programs to ensure compliance with best-practices standards. All NFCC Member Agencies must be re-accredited by COA every four years.

The NFCC is highly recognized within the industry and by creditors for its trademarked Counselor Certification Program. All NFCC member counselors must complete the NFCC’s comprehensive, quality training program to guarantee their ability to provide quality education and assistance to consumers.

The NFCC also publishes an annual Financial Literacy Survey testing consumers’ attitudes and behaviors around spending, saving, credit, debt, and other areas related to personal finance. To access the 2013 Financial Literacy Survey findings, please visit our website at http://www.nfcc.org/NewsRoom/FinancialLiteracy.

What’s New:

On September 16, 2013 the NFCC is launching a new consumer financial stabilization initiative titled Sharpen Your Financial Focus™ (SYFF). Over the past year, the NFCC has joined forces with leading financial institutions and other national partners to create a nationally-driven, grassroots-supported, three-year initiative designed to promote financial awareness. Through this initiative, our Member Agencies will provide financial education and tools to hundreds of thousands of individuals and families to facilitate financial wellness and foster better financial behaviors.

What We Need:

To increase visibility and support for SYFF, the NFCC will be enlisting the endorsement of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and other groups or individuals with a shared interest in consumer financial stabilization. This assembly will be collectively referred to as Friends of the Sharpen Alliance, and we encourage any organization with an interest in promoting a more financially stable America to consider joining this group.

As a member of the Friends of the Sharpen Alliance, the NFCC will offer key opportunities for your organization to be recognized in our external publications, social media posts, on our Sharpen Your Financial Focus website, as well as through other mediums. Should your organization be interested in learning more about supporting Sharpen Your Financial Focus as a Friend of the Sharpen Alliance, please reach out to the contact listed below.


Rhonda Ashburn
Senior Director of Financial Education Programs
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(202) 677-4343