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National Association of Insurance Commissioners

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) offers a variety of websites to give consumers helpful tips about insurance, including its primary consumer website, InsureUonline.org.


Insure U:

Insure U offers unbiased and trusted consumer resources from the NAIC. The Insure U website provides consumers with helpful tips and information about insurance—and because individual coverage needs vary, materials are provided for different life situations. The site also features quizzes and public service announcements to help consumers “Get Smart About Insurance.”

Insure U also features useful information to help consumers keep track of their stuff by creating a home inventory. The NAIC developed a smartphone app that helps consumers document and protect their possessions in the event of a loss.  The site also provides tips for purchasing home insurance and how to save.




WRECKCHECK, another free mobile app from the NAIC, outlines what to do immediately following an auto accident and takes users through a step-by-step process to create their own accident report. It also provides tips for staying calm, safe and smart on the road, and makes it easy to capture photos and document the necessary information to file an insurance claim. Additionally, the app lets users email a completed accident report directly to themselves and their insurance agents. The app is available for both iPhone® and Android® users.

Video Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHVfV8V6fTE&feature=youtu.be

Quick reference guide: http://www.insureuonline.org/auto_wreckcheck_guide.pdf

News release: http://www.naic.org/Releases/2012_docs/wreckcheck_mobile_app_auto_accidents.htm



The NAIC partnered with Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Amy Grant to encourage baby boomers to get smart about the unique and complex insurance decisions they face.  Grant’s public service announcement and tips from the NAIC on how make important financial decisions with health and life insurance implications are all available on the Insure U website.



The NAIC has also released its new Get Ready resource kits, which are helpful collections of information based on life events: weddings, new cars, new homes, job changes and turning 50. The kits educate consumers about the insurance implications of each of these major life events so that they can make informed decisions before a crisis occurs. The goal is to avoid hasty, uninformed and costly misunderstandings later.


Scott Holeman
Communications Director
National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
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