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myFICO is the consumer division of FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation), the company that invented the FICO® Score — the credit risk score that 90 percent of lenders use.

Today, myFICO is the only credit monitoring source where consumers can track their FICO Scores and credit reports from all three bureaus. FICO Scores are based on 25 years of data, expertise, and perfection.

myFICO is dedicated to educating consumers about financial health, including healthy habits in both personal finance and credit.


  • 3-bureau credit monitoring and FICO Score tracking — a myFICO exclusive

myFICO has found consumers are often confused about the differences in their credit profiles from bureau to bureau. The best way to understand your full credit picture is to access and monitor information and FICO Scores from all three credit bureaus. Until recently, there was no single source for a consumer to do just that.  

myFICO recently launched a brand new service that monitors 3-bureau credit reports for changes and tracks FICO Scores based on data from all three bureaus. This is an industry first and exclusive to myFICO. The service includes learning tools such as a score analysis and the patented FICO® Score Simulator, so consumers can get a better understanding of how their credit activity affects their FICO Scores.

  • MyFICO Forums

The myFICO Forums is an active community of over 200,000 users who are passionate about credit and financial health. The community rating is one of the best in the country. Topics range from types of loans to personal finance, and it’s a convenient, supportive place for consumers to ask questions about their personal financial experiences. myFICO has seen many users completely turn their financial health and credit around with the help and support of community members. For anyone about to embark on a financial goal, it’s a fantastic place to ask questions and get support.

  • Calculators and tools

myFICO offers over 30 calculators and tools to help consumers make smart financial decisions. These calculators are based on industry averages and national data, providing consumers with loan, budgeting, and debt management estimates.

myFICO is dedicated to financial literacy and making credit accessible, accurate, and fair to everyone. It is looking to build awareness of its initiatives and to identify potential partners for educational content creation. myFICO participates in co-branded educational content initiatives, guest blogging both at myFICO and at external sites, and a variety of other partnerships.


  • Identity theft detection

Along with our 3-bureau monitoring product, myFICO recently launched a comprehensive identity theft detection service. This service includes everything in FICO® 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring as well as our full identity theft detection suite. The product scans thousands of databases, including black market websites, public records and more, for the misuse of personal information.

In addition to this new product, myFICO has launched a series of new content about consumer security. A detailed awareness resource is available in the education center, and the identity theft section of myFICO blog is updated continuously with current trends, tips, and threats.

Kelsey Havens
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