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Moonjar LLC


Founded in 2001, by Eulalie Scandiuzzi, Moonjar LLC is a Seattle-based company that creates award-winning, innovative financial literacy products for a new generation of learners. Ms. Scandiuzzi created Moonjar as a visual kinetic tool to help kids and families to start talking about money management and budgeting.


  • Credit Union Solutions:Moonjar works with Credit Unions and banks to create fully customized tools for each community. It works with Credit Unions in each state and Canada to give the family CU members to start the conversation about money early and keep it alive at home. The Moonjar Moneyboxes teach SAVE SPEND and SHARE as the foundation of money management.
  • Curriculum and Classroom Kits: Moonjar’s K-5 curriculum and Classroom Kit won the EIFLE award for Financial Literacy in Education. The lessons are math-based and divided into three sessions. We also offer a one-time 45 minute alternative, which is successful for “Generational teaching”. High School kids often take the lesson plan into 3rd or 4th grades and teach an introduction to financial literacy!
  • Non- Profit Work: Moonjar works with non-profits of all sizes to enhance programs with financial education. The organization has created programs with NFPs including, The Woodland Park Zoo, Girl Scouts of the America, Save the Children, SIFE Heritage University, and DECA programs throughout the U.S. and similar programs in Australia and Canada.


Moonjar has been in business for ten years and as a small company what we need is awareness and partnership. We hope to continue in our work for at least ten more years and we can achieve that goal with creative and strategic partnerships.   


  • The International Moonjar Moneybox:To celebrate our tenth anniversary we created a gold, silver and bronze version of our tin Moonjar moneybox. The new Moonjar features SAVE SPEND and SHARE in several languages on each or the three compartments and includes a family guide and passbook. (www.moonjar.com)
  • On Line Special pricing: We are working with an Amazon Seller Site in order to reach a broader audience with our full product line of books, banks and games. The site allows you to register with your Amazon account and take advantage of an easier ordering process.  Please take a look to see all the specials we are hosting. (www.moonjar.com) 


Mary Karges
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