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Money Savvy Generation develops and brings to market innovative financial education products to help parents and educators teach children and young adults the skills of basic personal finance. In addition to selling education products direct to consumers and schools, Money Savvy Generation works with public sector, private sector, and not-for-profit institutions around the globe to provide customized products and services that will ultimately improve the financial capability of their constituencies. Its mission is to help kids get smart about money.

For public and private sector clients, Money Savvy Generation and the Money Savvy Generation Foundation design and execute financial education programs and initiatives. Through these programs and initiatives more than one million students have received customized financial education content.

The Money Savvy™ line of award-winning four-chambered banks, including the Money Savvy Pig, Money Savvy Cow, Money Savvy Football, and Money Savvy Soccer Ball, teach children how to set financial goals and save for those goals.  

The Money Savvy Kids® Basic Personal Finance Curriculum is a K-5 financial literacy curriculum for use in schools and other venues where children gather. The curriculum is aligned to Common Core State Standards, NCTM Math Standards and the Jump$tart National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education. The Institute for Financial Literacy honored this curriculum with an Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) award.  

The Money Savvy Kids® Family Activity & Coloring Book is a useful companion to the line of four-chambered banks. Through activities and worksheets for both young children and their parents or guardians, this book helps families to begin a conversation about money and helps children learn about the choices they have for money, including saving, spending, donating, and investing.  

The Money Savvy Kids® @Home is a consumer version of the financial education material which can be used by parents and students at home.  

The Savings Spree™ is an award-winning game that can be played on any iOS device.

The SafeCard™ is a safe place for teens and adults to keep their debit, credit, and gift cards. It comes with a set of Purchase Tracker ledgers to allow users to keep track of their card balances.  

The Money Savvy U® Intermediate Personal Finance Curriculum was designed for middle and early high school classrooms, as well as transitional special needs classrooms and contains five units on budgeting, compounding, smart spending, credit and credit cards, and investing. It includes the Cash Cache Personal Finance Organizer and engaging classroom games and activities.  

The Cash Cache® Personal Finance Organizer is designed to teach teens the skills that they will need to get and stay on target towards a bright financial future. It is packed with basic personal finance information and tips written for beginners and helps keep finances and financial documents organized. This organizer is a Parents’ Choice award winner.

“The Money Savvy Kids Club™” children’s books are smart, creative, and beautifully illustrated picture books which teach children that money is not merely something to be used for buying pizza and the hippest new tunes. Through four funny and engaging stories, a group of childhood friends learn that there are actually four things you can do with money: Save, Spend, Donate, or Invest. These books are EIFLE award winners.

“O.M.G. Official Money Guide for Teenagers” is a comprehensive book on personal finance written specifically for teenagers and is full of valuable information collected from financial experts.

Money Savvy Generation is looking to build awareness of its products and initiatives, and to expand the reach and distribution of materials.

In 2015, Money Savvy Generation will launch two new products: a new level of the Money Savvy Kids® curriculum designed specifically for preschool students, and a new “O.M.G. Official Money Guide for College Students” book.  

Cash Cache Personal Finance Organizer
Money Savvy Kids Basic Personal Finance Curriculum
Money Savvy U Intermediate Personal Finance Curriculum
Money Savvy Kids Club – Garage Sale Riches
Money Savvy Kids Club – Putting The “Do” In Donate
Money Savvy Kids Club – Home Sweet Home
Money Savvy Kids Club – Penny Power
O.M.G. Official Money Guide for Teenagers

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