10/17/2014 - Snigglezoo Entertainment/The Money Mammals

The Money Mammals Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club is a credit union and bank marketing program that helps financial institutions attract children and their families. The Money Mammals debuted in 2005 after John Lanza and his wife sought a way to teach their young daughters about money. Through the use of fun characters like Joe the Monkey, Clara J. Camel and Piggs the Bank, they teach financial education for kids 11 and under through the use of books, online and mobile games, CDs and DVDs. When credit unions and community banks use The Money Mammals Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club, their clients receive access to offline, online and mobile materials, including apps and a personalized, kid-friendly website that is full of interactive games that provide financial education for kids.

The Money Mammals offers credit unions, community banks, parents, children, and educators a fun, engaging way to teach youth about money so that they can be financially empowered adults. Many kids today take selfies as toddlers, have iPads by age four, start texting by age nine and can program computer software by age 13. They learn, socialize and play on the computer. The Money Mammals believe – and research shows – that games can help spark or change behaviors, and through The Money Mammals Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club games are used to teach and explain economic principles in a modern, relatable way. As we identify in our white papers for our credit union and bank marketing program, gamification can encourage financial education and help kids learn to “share and save and spend smart, too.”

The Money Mammals Needs vs Wants app puts real time money-wise fun in the palm of kids' hands. With this new app, kids distinguish between items that they must spend money on versus things that they do not need. By helping Joe the Monkey distinguish between needs and wants, children learn about an essential skill on the road to money smarts. The free Money Mammals Needs vs Wants app is now available on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. The Needs vs. Wants app underscores the Jump$tart vision to have a nation of financially capable youth and The Money Mammals philosophy to teach kids and families to “Share & Save & Spend Smart, Too.” For more information, visit TheMoneyMammals.com.

The Money Mammals need reviews! Please download and play with the new app and provide your feedback. The Money Mammals would love expert opinions from colleagues in the Jump$tart community.

Emily Smith, Marketing & Operations Mammal
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