Summer Training Materials

2017 Summer Training Materials and Prework

Logistics and Schedule

Course Outline and Prework

Prework Materials

Global Economics and Personal Finance

  • Read the FDIC white paper, Financial Education and the Future.
  • Skim the findings of a study completed by Wendy Way and Karen Holden at the University of Wisconsin, A National Study Regarding Teacher’s Background and Capacity to Teach Personal Finance.

Spending and Financial Planning

  • Complete the Life Values Quiz and retain a summary of your results.
  • Gather recent copies of your banking statements and credit card statement(s).
  • Estimate your monthly income and expenses using the income and expense worksheet as a guide on pages 45-47 of Your Spending Your Savings Your Future booklet.
  • Identify your current assets and liabilities by completing the Inventory Personal Assets and Liabilities Worksheet, page 4 of WealthCare Kit—Consumer Guide.

Saving and Investing

Enhance Your Earning Capability

  • Bring pay stubs from 1-2 recent pay periods.
  • Estimate your resources and needs for retirement by completing Steps 2 and 3 of the Starting the Process activity, page 5 of WealthCare Kit—Retirement Planning.
  • Estimate your retirement needs by completing the Ball Park Estimate activity.
  • Assess your state of readiness in establishing a comprehensive estate plan by completing the Estate Planning Checklist, pages 4-5 of WealthCare Kit—Estate Planning.

Financial Services, Identity Fraud

  • Gather information about your checking and savings services (i.e. brochure or info sheet that describes fees, minimum balances, withdrawal limits, interest rates).
  • Read sections of the 2010 Trade Commission Report, pp. 1-18 and 65.

Managing Credit & Debt

  • Collect credit card and loan offers you recently received in the mail or when shopping.
  • List your current debts including amount owed, due dates, and interest rates.  Use the Personal Assets and Liabilities Worksheet as a guide (WealthCare Kit—Consumer Guide, page 4).
  • Collect copies of your most recent credit card statements.
  • Examine your current credit report.

Risk Management & Insurance

  • Inventory your current insurance coverage.  Use the Insurance Summary Worksheet as a guide, pages 5-6 of WealthCare Kit—Insurance.