LendingTree Foundation

LendingTree Foundation

Since its founding in 1998, LendingTree.com has empowered consumers to make smart financial decisions by providing them with choice, convenience, and value in the loan shopping experience. In 2004, as part of this ongoing mission, LendingTree embarked on a multi-year financial literacy initiative designed to improve consumer understanding of personal finance issues. As part of this initiative, LendingTree has developed  a variety of free, easy-to-use resources including personal finance calculators, video tutorials, financial guides, a financial glossary, educational newsletters, surveys, and a library of more than 1500 articles.

These resources were designed to arm consumers with the skills they need to make smart financial decisions.  Now, as the call for new financial literacy initiatives echoes from Capitol Hill to Main Street, LendingTree is proud to announce the establishment of The LendingTree Foundation, created by the company’s donation in April of 2010.

Ms. Audrey Hood, Executive Director

LendingTree Foundation
1115 Rushmore Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

(704) 943-8430

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