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Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine is a monthly publication with a nationwide circulation of one million readers. We have been educating our audience about how to earn, save and spend their money for more than 50 years, during which our outreach has expanded to include books, videotapes, computer software and syndicated television reports on personal finance. We have taken a particular interest in educating children about money, and are the only national publication of any kind that includes kids and money as a regular part of its coverage, both in print and on TV. Senior editor Janet Bodnar writes a monthly column in the magazine called "Money-Smart Kids," as well as a weekly column called "Ask Dr. Tightwad," which is syndicated by the New York Times and appears on our Web site, www.kiplinger.com. Bodnar speaks frequently about kids and money to parent groups and the media, and in the fall of 1999 will publish Dollars and Sense for Kids for Kiplinger books.

Janet Bodnar

Deputy Editor
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine
1729 H St. N.W.
Washington, D.C 20006

Phone: 202-887-6501
Fax: 202-331-1206

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