01/06/2012 Jump$tart Personal Finance Clearinghouse

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Jump$tart Personal Finance Clearinghouse



The Jump$tart Clearinghouse (www.jumpstartclearinghouse.org) is a free, online database of personal finance resources designed for teaching and learning.  Targeted users include educators, parents, and students from kindergarten through college. Many of the resources are also suitable for adults.  Established in the 1990s, the Clearinghouse continues to grow rapidly as more people turn to the Internet for financial information and teaching tools. 


  • The Clearinghouse contains interactive online programs, simulation games, lesson plans, teaching guides, textbooks, informational brochures, music CDs, DVDs and posters.  Users can narrow their search by selecting the topic or keyword, grade level and format of the material they want.  They can also search by title or publisher, and sort their search results by price or most recent entries.   
  • The Clearinghouse provides brief descriptions and complete ordering information for nearly 900 titles. The user orders items directly from the publisher or resource provider. The Clearinghouse does not distribute materials directly.  
  • More than 400 resources are offered absolutely free.  In fact, a growing number of free resources can be downloaded instantly, a serious advantage for busy educators and students searching for a quick response.   
  • Materials listed in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse are reviewed by Clearinghouse staff for appropriateness.  Organizations that submit materials include national leaders in education, publishers, authors, the government and financial services firms. 


To promote awareness, the Jump$tart Clearinghouse needs: 

  • Partners and Jump$tart state coalitions to link to the Clearinghouse (www.jumpstartclearinghouse.org).  
  • New personal finance educational resources to be submitted to the Clearinghouse by authors, publishers, and Jump$tart partners. 
  • Funding to expand awareness of the Clearinghouse among educators and other users, through educational journals, newsletters, exhibits and presentations at state and national education meetings.   


Anne Bannister, Clearinghouse Manager
Cell:  (734)945-1639
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