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The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) is a non-profit organization focused on developing research and educational materials covering annuities, insured retirement strategies, and retirement planning. As an advocate for retirement income planning and a leader in the financial services field, IRI continues to spearhead a national consumer-education coalition committed to helping Americans of all ages understand the importance of retirement planning.
Representing 150,000 financial professionals, a goal for IRI is to ensure that financial advisors have access to expert resources, information and tools to support their work with consumers. To help achieve this objective, IRI has developed and produced a robust library of consumer-friendly resources to help them make informed decisions regarding their retirement plans. These materials, which are reviewed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), cover a range of retirement planning and retirement income topics.
National Retirement Planning Coalition: IRI proudly spearheads the National Retirement Planning Coalition – a group of prominent education, advocacy, and financial services organizations that have joined together to increase awareness of the need for comprehensive retirement planning. The coalition organizes National Retirement Planning Week® each year, and new in 2013, the coalition is supporting a six-month national consumer education campaign. To support its efforts, the coalition maintains the consumer-friendly website RetireOnYourTerms.org.


Newly revamped website: IRI and the coalition unveiled the new RetireOnYourTerms.org website earlier this year. The new website offers resources to both consumers and financial professionals to help them focus on long-term financial goals.
National consumer-education campaign: To build off the success of National Retirement Planning Week®, the coalition kicked off a consumer-education campaign in April. The campaign is designed to increase consumers’ knowledge about important financial and retirement planning concepts. Each month during the campaign, the coalition distributes educational materials, developed by IRI and FINRA-reviewed, based on monthly themes. The 2013 campaign will run through September.


IRI and coalition partners have dedicated valuable resources to ensure that its activities successfully increase awareness of the need for comprehensive retirement planning. But these efforts cannot be done alone. IRI and the coalition welcome your support and participation in National Retirement Planning Week® and its consumer-education campaign. Consider partnering with the coalition by distributing and promoting retirement planning resources. Also contact IRI to learn more about promoting retirement planning by joining the National Retirement Planning Coalition.


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