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InCharge® Education Foundation, Inc. is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives through empowering financial education. Its in-person workshops, newsletters, online courses, websites and tips-oriented public service announcements reach more than one million people each year.


MilitaryMoney.com is the leading financial resource for U.S. service members, worldwide. From the GI Bill to VA loans, MilitaryMoney.com features more than 1500 articles, podcasts, and video clips.

Be InCharge of Your Future
Be InCharge of Your Future serves teens and young adults with in-person workshops and online education. The InCharge staff has recently delivered the following workshops: Saving for College, Your First Job, and Cell Phone Economics. These materials will be available on the website soon.

InCharge is looking for funding to expand the Be InCharge or Your Future program to all Orlando-area AVID students. The AVID program targets students in economically-challenged neighborhoods in the academic middle, helping them get on the college track and stay there. The Be InCharge of Your Future program features classroom workshops and an e-learning component designed to reinforce key concepts in personal finance.

Homeless single mothers face incredible challenges when it comes to being able to mentally, physically and financially care for their children and themselves. These responsibilities mixed with a lack of resources can be a recipe for continuous struggle. InCharge Debt Solutions and Shepherd’s House are pleased to partner in order to provide financial literacy training for these women.

The private workshops include discussions on topics such as understanding credit, how to prepare and stick to a budget, organizing one’s finances, developing a savings plan and more. “These critical subjects are not always taught in our schools; so it is imperative that we educate these young women and empower them to make positive strides in their lives,” noted Stacey Gray, Program Manager at Shepherd’s House.
“We are extremely proud to be partnering with Shepherd’s House, a program of Catholic Charities of Central Florida, which provides support to economically disadvantaged homeless single mothers.” said Billie Passmore, Director of Outreach for Housing at InCharge Debt Solutions. “InCharge will offer monthly financial literacy workshops to help teach the participants how to take control of their finances and develop skills needed to become better money managers with the hope of sustaining their own place of residence one day. We are a part of the solution.”

The monthly private workshops will be held at Shepherd’s House, headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

Karen Carlson                                                                                           
Director of Education and Creative Programs
InCharge Education Foundation
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