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Inceptia is dedicated to providing much-needed support to help schools effectively fulfill their new roles and responsibilities. Through comprehensive data analysis, financial education, default prevention and financial aid management, we are confident we can help all students, not just borrowers, become financially responsible. We are here to make it possible for more schools to launch brilliant futures.

Our financial education programs are created to engage students while teaching them real-world applications to money matters. Understanding the busy schedules of schools and students, we’ve made our programs available through several different channels.

Inceptia’s online financial education program, Financial Avenue, uses interactive courses and mini-modules to teach students the fundamentals of money management in an engaging environment. The program employs interactive tools, activities, videos and resources to keep students engaged and help them absorb and understand the concepts.

Schools can also choose from a variety of financial topics to be covered during on-site sessions. Face time with someone who is a certified personal financial manager (CPFM) and accredited financial counselor (AFC) not only provides students with immediate answers to their questions, but also gives them an interactive learning environment to help retain what they’ve learned.

Inceptia also provides an innovative way to equip higher education professionals with the skills to jumpstart money management conversations on their campuses. The Inceptia Personal Financial Management Certification program is self-paced and self-contained, providing users with a textbook and an online environment that includes a pre-assessment test, worksheets, instructor videos, chapter quizzes, resources, a progress dashboard and many more helpful tools.

We’ve made sure that, no matter who attends our programs and seminars, everyone walks away feeling confident about money-related topics. Financial education is just one of the many ways we’re helping students become fiscally responsible, while striving to control debt.

Ms. Carissa Uhlman
(402) 479-6809

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