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Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Inceptia’s mission is very simple: to support schools as they arm students with the knowledge needed to become financially responsible adults. Moving boldly into the future without accumulating the burden of debt and default. 


Personal Financial Management Certification

The certification program was developed in collaboration with authors and faculty members from East Carolina University’s nationally recognized College of Business. The program is self-contained and self-paced, allowing education professionals to go through the process on their own schedules. Users are exposed to a multimedia environment, incorporating textbook, pre-assessment and final test, videos, calculators and an interactive community in the learning process. Chapters cover a broad spectrum of personal financial topics, including budgeting, paying for college, debt management and taxes. This allows users to gain rich knowledge on the issues that affect all students, from those entering college to those preparing for graduation.

Online Financial Education

Financial Avenue teaches students and young consumers about smart money management and a variety of topics that affect their personal finances. Financial Avenue’s goal is simple: To empower its users with knowledge and practical tools that send them on the road to a lifetime of financial success.  Financial Avenue covers topics ranging from credit and budgeting to paying for college and understanding insurance.

Financial Education Seminars

Having face time with an accredited financial counselor not only provides students with immediate answers to their questions, but it also gives them an interactive learning environment that helps them retain what they’ve learned. Schools can choose one of a variety of financial topics that will be covered during our on-site sessions. These topics will be brought to life by our expert counselors, giving students the practical knowledge they need to make wise financial decisions—now and in the future.


We are looking to build awareness of our initiatives and expand the reach and distribution of our program materials. 


Inceptia Institute

The Inceptia Institute is a free online resource for education professionals, industry experts and others who want to help students be successful in building a strong financial foundation and furthering student success. The Inceptia Institute offers the latest industry news and research affecting students, schools, policy and financial aid. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, participate in polls and share best practices with their peers. The Institute’s resource center features podcasts, webinars and Inceptia?authored white papers, as well as calculators that school counselors can share with students to see the real costs involved with loan repayment and other expenses.


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