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Used by more than 500 institutions and 1.2 million students, iGrad is the only online community providing a comprehensive and customized financial literacy program, featuring user-specific financial education courses, career assistance for students and graduates, and student loan entrance and exit counseling. iGrad was named Best Product of 2012 and 2013 by University Business magazine, recognized as 2013 Education Program of the Year by the Institute for Financial Literacy, and earned the 2013 Outstanding Consumer Information Award by the Association for Financial Counseling, Planning and Education.

Resources for school administrators:
With our in-depth reporting tools, administrators can accurately assess the financial picture of their students and better implement default management processes.

A foundation of knowledge for new students to build their personal finance skills:
The jewel in the iGrad platform, our video-based student loan entrance and exit counseling provides students with a realistic understanding of the costs incurred with a college degree.

Tools for returning students and graduates to realistically manage their finances:
More than 1000 articles, videos, calculators, and learning modules contribute to a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to students as they learn real-world financial lessons.

With federal student loan defaults reaching levels not seen in two decades, iGrad is conducting a survey on Financial Literacy in Higher Education, available at:


The survey gathers responses from school administrators to better determine:

•    How frequently students use less than 100 percent of the financial aid for which they are eligible.
•    Whether administrators believe undergraduates should be required to take financial literacy courses.
•    What types of financial literacy counseling are provided, and how often.


As we enter the New Year, iGrad resolves to build on established success in pushing relevant content to its users through the use of its interactive online platform.  Our survey is just one way that we continue to take stock of what students really know about financial literacy and how we can provide the most relevant content to students and administrators alike.

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