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iGrad is an innovative and industry leading financial literacy company. Its principal objective is to leverage technology, real-world information, and personalized and adaptive content to empower students, alumni, staff, parents, and families to make effective personal finance, student loan, and career decisions throughout their lives. iGrad currently provides financial literacy education resources to more than 600 colleges and 200 financial institutions nationwide.

In 2014, the iGrad financial literacy platform was honored as a University Business Magazine Readers’ Choice Top Product for the 3rd year in a row. In 2013, iGrad was given the Outstanding Consumer Information Award by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE) and was recognized as the Education Program of the Year by the Institute of Financial Literacy.

The iGrad Online Education Platform — The iGrad interactive financial literacy platform leverages technology and adaptive learning to provide a fun learning experience to students. iGrad developers go to great lengths to customize the platform for each school partner, and to integrate the platform with the school’s portal via single sign-on. The innovative platform is complemented by robust, real-time reporting that allows institutions to measure and track data for their financial literacy initiatives. For more information about the iGrad innovative financial literacy platform, watch the new iGrad “Dreams” video.

Video-Based Student Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling — This is a U.S.Department of Education compliant alternative to the standard federal student loan counseling requirement. The innovative video-based student loan counseling is currently used by over 200 schools and provides an interactive and comprehensive experience that not only educates students about their student loans and financial aid, but also gives them much needed financial literacy and financial aid education in a fun and exciting way that produces a much higher retention and success rate than the traditional text-based format.

Your Financial Mastery – Financial Literacy Classroom Curriculum — This is a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum that colleges can now utilize to offer much needed personal finance education to their students. The curriculum is coauthored by bestselling author Sharon Lechter and Angela Totman, and meets all the Core Competencies for financial literacy set by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The course is designed to use the highly interactive ‘flipped’ classroom format, where students complete each area of study through lessons, lectures, and videos, outside the classroom and prior to class. This reserves class time to be dedicated to interactive and engaging activities, simulations, and group discussions that further enhance retention and learning behaviors. The curriculum is complemented by a powerful online companion site that houses a number of interactive resources such as infographics, videos, video-games, and calculators. Here is a sample chapter to download.

The employees of iGrad are extremely passionate and 100 percent committed to promoting and improving financial literacy throughout the country.  iGrad always seeks to further develop products, service offerings, and partnerships that enrich the lives of iGrad program participants. iGrad seeks to increase awareness of iGrad initiatives and expand the reach of current and future offerings to all those whom it would benefit.

iGrad Money$marts Game — This fully responsive, mobile- and tablet-ready video-game gives an incredible and entertaining experience while improving financial literacy. This fun, educational video-game provides humor through lighthearted and engaging video, animated content, and sound that increases engagement and retention. It can be utilized to complement and reinforce personal finance topics, and is perfect for both outside the classroom and during in-class exercises or activities.

College Financial Literacy Compendium — A free iGrad report on 24 college personal finance programs. Each program administrator was interviewed and shares their experiences, ideas, and advice to assist other organizations that seek to develop or expand a financial literacy program.

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