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Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition - January 2015

Piggy Bank Beauty Contest Winner

The 2013 Winner of the Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition
Piggy Bank Beauty Contest proudly displays her ceremonial award check.

The Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition is a non-profit organization with 20 members from the non-profit sector, business community, and government agencies that actively participate in coalition events and meetings, along with 20 active “friends of the coalition.” Together, these member and friend organizations provide resources, speakers, and opportunities to promote financial education across the state.

Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition Mission
To improve the quantity and quality of personal financial information and educational programs of Idahoans by providing resources and education to teachers, youth leaders, and others in need of assistance or at financial risk.

Annual Piggy Bank Beauty Contest
Now in its fifth year, this contest encourages 3rd through 6th grade students to build healthy savings habits. To enter, students create and/or decorate a piggy bank using virtually any materials and their own ingenuity. They may enter their piggy bank in one of four categories: 1) Funniest, 2) Prettiest, 3) Most Athletic (sports and recreation theme), or 4) Most Popular (celebrity look alike).

The coalition membership vote for the winning entries during the annual business meeting. The winners, their parent(s), and their teacher are invited to the governor’s annual proclamation signing at the state capitol, designating April as Financial Literacy Month in Idaho. Winners in each category receive a $50 cash prize while their teachers also receive a $50 gift certificate, all thanks to the contest sponsors.

Financial Literacy Day at the Legislature
For more than a decade, the Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition has invited members to set up and staff booths in the rotunda of the Idaho capitol building each year for Financial Literacy Day at the Legislature. Member organizations take advantage of this opportunity to educate state legislators and their staff members on activities to promote and provide financial education to their constituents. From state legislative staff to teenaged legislative pages, as well as elected representatives and senators, to the governor and lieutenant governor, visitors at the booths view and discuss the financial education materials and program information on display.

The Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition always needs organizations to participate in the planning of its fantastic financial education events and to take advantage of the various and valuable sponsorship opportunities. If your organization needs to be engaged in community reinvestment opportunities or if you simply have a passion for personal finance education, you are invited to become a member of the coalition. Membership is based upon participation, sponsorship, contributions, and/or in-kind donations.

The coalition would like to invite more representatives from the insurance, financial planning, real estate, and credit reporting industries, in addition to research and government entities to join.

To get involved or to learn more about the Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition, contact the coalition president, just show up at one of our bi-monthly coalition meetings, or visit www.IdahoFLC.org.

The Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition, under the new coalition board leadership, is looking forward to hiring its first employee in 2015. This administrative staff member will assist in the leadership transition that happens annually and will also be involved in fundraising activities.

Todd Christensen, Coalition President
Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition
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