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In 1995 the Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition formed to provide training on personal finance topics to public and private school teachers in consumer economics, family & consumer sciences, business, social studies, math, and professional technical education. In 1996 the Coalition expanded its efforts to include adult audiences.

Since 2001, we have also been Idaho's affiliate of the Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy.


Unfortunately, many Idahoans are not prepared to make wise financial decisions related to checking and savings accounts, auto insurance, credit and investments as evidenced by the high levels of loan delinquency, increasing numbers of fraud victims, and appeals for help to various agencies.

Idaho and Regional Facts

  • Idaho's Median Household Income is just 91% of the national average. (US Census 2007)
  • Personal bankruptcy rates in Idaho for the 1st Quarter of 2009 were up nearly 60% over the 1st Quarter of 2008. (US Bankruptcy Court)
  • Idaho per capita income is just 83% of the national average. (US Census 1999)
  • Idaho has 7% more of its population living in poverty (12.1%) than the national average (US Census 2007)
  • The average Personal Credit Scores in Idaho (702) is 13 points higher than the national average (692) per Experian's National Credit Score Index (www.NationalScoreIndex.com).
  • Individuals in the Mountain West region of the US carry 10% more consumer debt ($18,488) than the national average of $16,860. (www.NationalScoreIndex.com)
  • Individuals in the Mountain West region of the US have consumer debt monthly minimum payments of $906, nearly $100 more than the national average of $811. (www.NationalScoreIndex.com)


Members of the coalition represent various educational, nonprofit, governmental, insurance, banking and securities related industries. To see a list of members click here.

Coalition By Laws and Financials

In 2009, the Coalition adopted updated By Laws. Click here to download.

Visit our Forms and Documents page for more information about the Coalition.

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