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At HSBC, we are connected and committed to our customers and to our communities – the cities, towns and neighborhoods where we all live, work and play. We recognize the responsibility our company and our people have in contributing to a thriving, successful society, and we are proud to take an active role in initiatives that support community development, education and the environment. Through both financial support and employee volunteerism, HSBC invests in the places we call home, working to create and sustain safe, healthy and economically vital places where people and businesses can reach their full potential.

HSBC has a long history of providing financial education to youth and adults, and to supporting community agencies that help consumers learn how to manage their finances more effectively. This commitment to financial literacy continues, as we fund and provide programs that help people become more knowledgeable about money, credit and financial planning, empowering them to take control of their finances.

YourMoneyCounts® is the cornerstone of HSBC's financial education platform, offering valuable tools and resources, such as our Web site, financial booklets and helpful workshops, which can be used to make more informed financial decisions. All materials are free of charge. Visit www.YourMoneyCounts.com.

For more information on HSBC in the United States, please visit www.us.hsbc.com.

Loretta R. Abrams
Senior Vice President, Corporate Sustainability
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