December 5, 2016 

Contact:    Jeff Gilbreath, President, Hawaii Jump$tart Coalition

                   (808) 587-7653

2016 Hawaii Jump$tart Financial Education Champion Award Winner

Saydee Pojas, program manager for Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture (INPEACE), received the 2016 Jump$tart Hawaii Coalition Financial Education Champion Award to attend the Jump$tart Coalition National Educator Conference in Dallas, Texas this fall.

Saydee’s passion and commitment to helping Native Hawaiian students and Waianae community members improve their communities and quality of life is evident through the Hooulu Waiwai Financial Capabilities Project which offers financial education workshops, financial coaching and education savings accounts for their participants. In addition, Saydee coordinates an annual Financial Fitness Fair for Leeward coast families. 

“It was an honor to represent the state of Hawai‘i at this National Educator Conference and to share best practices and learn new strategies to help educate our youth with financial literacy,” she shared.

The Jump$tart Coalition National Educator Conference is the only national conference for classroom teachers dedicated to the personal finance education of Pre K-12 grade students. The conference provides the latest in financial literacy educational resources, personal and professional development and general support for financial educators nation-wide.

The Hawaii Jump$tart Coalition is a non profit organization that consists of 20 member individuals and organizations across the state supporting and delivering financial literacy to children from birth through college-age. Currently, our members provide financial literacy workshops in public schools across the stateusing curriculathatadheres to national standards for personal financial literacy established by the National Jump$tart Coalition, National Council on Economic Education, and National Junior Achievement.

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