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The Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) helps people take control of their financial lives by connecting the financial planning community with people in need. To achieve this mission, the FFP supports pro bono advice and development of financial life skills through the connection of financial planning professionals to assist on a pro bono basis, and through grants to non-profit organizations that reach out to and extend the benefit of financial planning to those generally underserved by the market.


  • FFP partners with other non-profit organizations that provide outreach programs to help provide pro bono advice and development of financial life skills targeted specifically to underserved populations or those in crisis.
  • Grants are made at the sole discretion of the FFP, based on its evaluation of individual applications, its determination of relative priorities, and its availability of funds. The FFP reserves the right not to award any specific grant for any reason, or for no apparent reason, no matter how clearly the proposed project may seem to relate to FFP’s mission, and no matter how closely the requester has followed the guidelines and procedures.
  • FFP requires the use of volunteers from the financial planning and services community to help provide pro bono advice and financial life skills to underserved populations.
  • FFP assist non-profit organizations in connecting with volunteers from the financial planning community.
  • Through materials utilized in past grant programs and other partnerships, FFP offers a library of “free” financial life skills resources for consumers through its website. Information is available for non-profit organizations to utilize in helping provide financial life skills educational and counseling support to its constituencies. All information may be viewed and downloaded. Click here for access.


The FFP is governed by volunteers from the financial planning and financial services community. For more than 27 years, FFP has made a strong commitment to help individuals take control of their financial lives by promoting and supporting financial life skills and pro bono advice to those generally not served by the market. We are looking to build awareness of our initiatives and expand the reach and distribution of the use of pro bono financial planners to assist underserved populations. Organizations need not be a grantee to benefit from our connections and materials.


Jim Peniston
Executive Director/CEO
2193 North Lake Pkwy. Ste 110
Tucker, GA 30084

(770) 938-1110
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Noreen Coughlin
Mission Outreach Director
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Website: www.foundation-finplan.org