Florida Saves Week

Florida Saves Week


America Saves Week for 2018 runs from February 26 throught March 3rd, 2018. and is coordinated by America Saves and the American Savings Education Council. Started in 2007, the Week is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to asess their own saving status.

2018 Savings Thems and Topics

Monday, February 26: Save with a plan


Tuesday, February 27: Save the easy way…automatically

  • It can be hard to put aside money for savings, but there is an easy way to save money without ever missing it by making your savings automatic in 2018. Already saving automatically? Find ways to automate other aspects of your financial life this year. http://bit.ly/2mmD9yn #FLSaves18


Wednesday, February 28: Save for rainy days


Thursday, March 1: Save to retire

  • Saving now for retirement will ensure you have enough money to have a comfortable standard of living when you stop working or reduce the number of hours you work. Participate in a work-related retirement program or open up an Individual Retirement Account (or IRA) http://bit.ly/2m8V27C  http://bit.ly/2lMrYlZ   Already saving for retirement? Increase the amount you save toward retirement by 1 percent in 2018. #FLSaves18
  • Are you saving enough for retirement? Try the @choosetosave Ballpark E$timate to find your number: http://bit.ly/2lwEFi3 #FLSaves18


Friday, March 2: Save the extra


Saturday, March 3: Save as a family

  • Good savings habits start at home. Whether you’re budgeting, saving, making retirement decisions, or assessing work-place benefits, share the choices you make with your children, no matter their age. http://bit.ly/2l9xzPB #FLSaves18

Teaching and practicing good savings strategies is a year round activity! 

Florida Saves can provide you with resources to help you save or teach other to save. https://americasaves.org/local-campaigns/florida-saves