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Based in Fort Worth, Texas, First Command Educational Foundation’s mission is “to educate those who serve.”  Since its founding in 1983 FCEF has awarded an average of $175,000 annually in scholarships around the nation, and has awarded a total of almost $4 million.  We also promote financial literacy by providing presentations and online programs to military members, young adults, and other groups.


Numerous scholarship opportunities:  First Command Educational Foundation awards scholarships each year to persons seeking associate, undergraduate, and graduate degrees, and to those attending a trade school or seeking professional certifications.  Our scholars come from diverse backgrounds and attend a variety of higher educational institutions across the nation.  Scholarship applications are accepted primarily through First Command Financial Services Advisors' matched-scholarship partnerships with organizations in their local community and through FCEF partnerships with local and national agencies whose missions support the same persons served by FCEF.  The Donaldson D. Frizzell Scholarship, named in memory of a former FCEF president, is open to members of the U.S. uniformed services (active, reserve, and retired) and their spouses and dependents, First Command Financial Services’ clients and their families, and dependent family members of First Command Advisors and field office staff members.

Online Financial Literacy Programs: Last year FCEF released Money Matters Online, a web-based program adapted from our previously-published Money Matters curriculum, which was developed specifically to meet the Texas State Board of Education requirement for secondary school personal financial literacy instruction (Texas House Bill 492 of 2006).  Money Matters Online modules are: Accounts, Checkbook, Credit, Loans, Rights & Responsibilities (of renting an apartment), Buying (a house), Stocks & Investments, Retirement, Insurance, Entrepreneur, Bankruptcy, and Giving (to charity).  The program contains pre- and post-course tests, and each module contains pre- and post-module exams, exercises, and a vocabulary exercise.  The instructor module allows instructors the online capability to enroll students, monitor their progress, and determine when students pass the course.

Money Matters Online also provides online access to the previously-published textbook curriculum, including 12 PowerPoint presentations for instructors, the comprehensive and 12 module exams (with answers for instructors), and a vocabulary list.

In addition, successful course completion of Money Matters Online will allow students to apply for an FCEF scholarship award, exclusive to Money Matters Online students, in 2014.

To date, more than 100 secondary schools and other organizations in 18 states and countries overseas have been granted access to Money Matters Online.  It is available at no cost to secondary schools and many charitable organizations.

FCEF has also recently launched a similar program for junior military servicemembers called Military Money Matters, which was adapted from Money Matters Online, but with additional military-specific content, and which will also provide eligibility for an exclusive scholarship program.

Financial Literacy Presentations: FCEF provides presentations and classes on many financial literacy topics.  We have developed over 40 presentations on many civilian and military financial subjects that can be made to a variety of audiences, and we can create custom presentations if needed.  We also have a Volunteer Speaker program with speakers around the world who can present a comprehensive program in person.


All FCEF scholarships are made possible through the generosity of individuals, businesses, and corporations. FCEF is fortunate to have a permanently restricted endowment, the Carroll H. Payne Memorial Scholarship Fund, which helps support the scholarship program.  In addition, FCEF hosts an annual fundraising event to benefit the scholarship program.  Operating costs are also provided by donations. The foundation is always looking for appropriate speakers and volunteers, and for points of contact for those who can use our assistance. We are very grateful to those who can contribute to our success.


FCEF is actively involved in providing curriculum expertise and support to First Command Financial Services’ efforts for Project Sanctuary and Hiring our Heroes, two programs designed to help military members returning from deployment or separating from the service to reconnect and succeed in their transition.  We are proud to serve our nation’s servicemen and servicewomen.


Vickie Mauldin (CEO)
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