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The FTC, the nation’s consumer protection agency, educates American consumers about issues that affect their financial well-being. Our information is for the general public and targeted audiences, including students, parents and teachers, entrepreneurs, job hunters, homeowners, seniors, caregivers, military service members, and people with low literacy. In short, our audience includes those who are trying to juggle student loans, credit cards, car loans or leases, medical bills, and pay down their debt while managing their savings, being energy efficient, recovering from identity theft, and making well-informed buying decisions.

Consumer information from the FTC is in the public domain. That means you can print it, co-brand it, copy it, post it, or link to it freely — all for free.

  • Take FTC materials and make them your own. You can put the text on your website and customize it for your state. You can reprint any FTC materials, either co-branded with the FTC or on your own. We’re happy to give you print mechanicals. Order free materials from the FTC in bulk at bulkorder.ftc.gov, and make them available to your constituents.

  • Check out consumer.gov and consumidor.gov for consumer protection basics, presented in a plain and simple style. These easy-to-use resources cover managing your money; credit, loans and debt; and scams and identity theft. You can embed the videos on your own site, cut and paste the articles into your newsletters, use the presentations in the “Just for You” section, or simply link to the site.

  • Find articles on financial literacy and nearly any kind of scam you can name at consumer.ftc.gov. You can link to the site or to any of our individual publications, copy the content or customize it for your needs, or grab videos for your site. Whether your audience needs information on identity theft, getting a truly free credit report, or what to do about debt collection, consumer.ftc.gov has what you need. 

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