Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) Program

CARE (Credit Abuse Resistance Education) educates students on the responsible use of credit and the consequences of poor money management and credit card abuse.

CARE is a free financial literacy initiative that makes experienced members of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system available to teach the importance of financial education. CARE's primary target audience is high school seniors and college freshmen who are most at risk because, as hungry consumers, they are aggressively marketed by the credit card industry at a time when they carry a very low Financial I.Q.

The CARE website supplements the live presentations with free downloads in the form of handouts, videos, PowerPoint presentations, games and more for open use. The CARE Locator Map is powered by Google to make finding a contact person near you as easy as possible. You will then be able to schedule a presentation in your area or help us start a new CARE Program where you live.  

CARE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community outreach project of the American Bankruptcy Institute, and boasts a presence in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Anna M. Flores, Executive Director
CARE (Credit Abuse Resistance Education)
66 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 600
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
(703) 739-0800 
(703) 739-1060 fax

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