The Florida Jump$tart Coalition has formed the following committees in order to achieve its goals.

Community Affairs
Promote need for financial literacy laws to govern and ensure Florida's citizen are provide the opportunity, especially K-Young Adults
Chairperson: Cassandra Grayson(chair) from FCUL; Marc Price from InCharge Institute

Education Committee
Review teachers events and assist in efforts to coordinate with Education Department, teachers, districts and schedules; Cassandra Grayson, FCUL and Marsha Cantrell from FLDFS.
Chairperson: Beth Gladden (chair) from FLDOE Office of Workforce Office

Keep records and plan budget for events and operating expenses for year
Chairperson: Tom Kane, Treasurer, from Raymond James Financial Services

Audit Committee
Chairperson: Janet Hamer from the Federal Reserve and Steve St. Amand, from Junior Achievement

Measurable Goals Committee
Chairperson: Brenda Hubbard (chair) from Florida Institute of CPAs; Laine Powell from UCF; and Steve St. Amand from Junior Achievement

Visibility and Branding
branding and visibility
Chairperson: Rosanna Jacobsen(chair) , from Colonial Bank; Jessica Cecere from CCCS, West Palm Beach; Marc Price, InCharge Education Foundation

Fund Raising/Grants Committee
Chairperson: Tom Kane (Chair) from Raymond James; Marc Price from InCharge Institute

Curriculum at Grass Roots Education subcommittee
Chairperson: Beth Gladden (chair) from Fla Dept of Education, Office of Workforce

Jump$tart 2008 Survey Committee
Chairperson: Cassandra Grayson (Chair), Sarah Arteaga, Beth Gladden, Rosanna Jacobsen

Post new partners, events, articles and news
Chairperson: Laura Royer

quarterly newsletter sent to partners, sponsors, Board Members and interested parties
Chairperson: Brenda Hubbard