The Virginia Jump$tart Coalition has formed the following volunteer positions and committees in order to achieve its goals.

Board of Directors


Serves as principal executive officer of Virginia Jump$tart and exercises general supervision over the affairs of the organization and its officers and members.

Vice Chair

Assists Virginia Jump$tart Chair in general supervision over the affairs of Virginia Jump$tart and its officers and members.


Keeps the minutes of Board meetings, serves as custodian of the corporate records and maintains databases, addresses and other files of the membership and Board.


Administers and oversees financial records, the annual audit (if applicable) and compliance with statutory reporting requirements. Prepares tax returns and tax payments. Provides annual budget to the Board for approval.

At Large Directors

Assigned to lead a membership task force (see below) and/or complete other assignments by Chair, as needed.

Membership Task Forces

Professional Development

Helps plan quarterly membership meeting sessions, including determining topic, securing speakers and coordinating facility/logistics.


Helps with recruitment & retention of members, sends dues renewal and conducts annual member satisfaction survey.

Sponsorships & Fundraising

Helps secure sponsors and grants for Virginia Financial Literacy Summit and other overall organizational funding.

Communications and Awareness

Handles public relations and communications for the coalition. Writes and sends e-newsletter, updates website and handles media relations (writes/sends press releases). Helps determine outreach plan for the coalition.


Works on educational issues including planning educational activities (summits, seminars, teacher training events). Works on Speakers Bureau and other outreach/education to Virginia adults and consumers.

Government Affairs

Helps monitor legislation in relation to personal financial education and maintains open channel of communication with lawmakers.