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ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions is a nonprofit organization that has been providing consumers with counseling and educational resources for more than 40 years. ClearPoint is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and hosts branches in 12 states while also reaching consumers through phone and Internet counseling in all 50 states. ClearPoint is committed to financial literacy for all, and we continually work toward the mission of “consumer health through financial education.”


A variety of counseling services: ClearPoint offers no-cost budget and credit counseling, Debt Management Plans (DMPs), and a variety of housing counseling (mortgage default and foreclosure, reverse mortgage, and pre- and post- bankruptcy counseling).

ClearPoint U: This online portal allows users to improve their knowledge on a variety of financial topics. Users take pre-tests, watch informative and engaging presentations, and then take post-tests to measure their learning. Current topics include: Identity Theft, Surviving Financial Setbacks, Wise Use of Credit, Take it to the Bank, Paying down Debt, Rebuilding after Foreclosure, and Budgeting. Check it out here.

Financial Firsts: As part of our commitment to financial literacy, Financial Firsts provides educational resources for teachers and students. This online platform includes sample lesson plans, PDFs, videos, and worksheets for teachers. It presents financial information to students in a way that is both informative and fun, as students can unlock various features for their avatars along the way. The program also offers social interactions for students nationwide, and settings can be customized by teachers. The high school program (grades 9-12) is set to deploy by the 2013-2014 school year. Interested? Contact us to sign up for beta-testing. Check out Financial Firsts here.


In March, ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions released a four-part web series, “Penny Bags a Buck.” The series follows a bachelorette, Penny, on her search for love and financial stability. The series was part of a larger campaign about love and money, including blog posts and various media appearances where credit counselors provided advice to viewers. ClearPoint also gave away a total of $1,600 in the “Bag Some Bucks Giveaway.” This series was timely, as there have been several recent studies about the role of debt in relationships. ClearPoint invites you to catch up on the series. Penny meets an array of hilarious and memorable characters along the way, and we know you will enjoy the show!


ClearPoint is looking for educators interested in beta-testing Financial Firsts. For more information, please contact us.


For more information about these resources, please contact Sarah Rose-Silva at:
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