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Children’s Financial Network, Inc. and Green$treet Commons, Inc. are located in New Jersey and are owned and operated by Neale Godfrey, NY Times #1 Best Selling author of 26 books for kids and families. All, of course, are designed to help them to become financially literate! Neale also created the first money curricula for youth, pre-school through 9th grade.  She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post as a featured blogger. Neale is acknowledged as the pioneer in the kids and money field.  When she was the President of The First Women’s Bank and, she opened The First Children’s Bank at FAO Schwarz in 1988.   Her companies teach kids, parents, grandparents and educators (school and after school) to, “Earn, Save, Spend and Share”. Neale also created the Four-Jar Allowance System, which has become the standard in the industry to teach the basics of money to children. Her reach is to more than 2,000,000 families and kids with her programs, including; 200,000 youth of active military people, and Wounded Warriors and their families; 110,000 youth from the National Urban League; 135,000 students from FCCLA and DECA; 23,000 youth from the YWCA; 10,000 from ASPIRA, and many more. Her information is also used by corporations and is often funded via grants.


We offer educational programs and materials to financial and non-financial companies that share our passion to educate our next generation to become financially literate.  Offerings can also be tied to real financial products. We provide consulting services, marketing materials, content and products that can be private-labeled and branded by the for- and not-for-profit client. Neale is a renowned public speaker and media personality who has appeared on the major TV shows, including; The Oprah Winfrey Show (13 Appearances), CNN, CNBC, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and others.  Neale is a motivational speaker who can excite any audience into action.  She offers books, workbooks, curricula, and has just released a revolutionary new free mobile video gaming app for children, 5-8 that teaches financial and ecological responsibility to kids. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/green$treets-unleash-loot!/id564402206?mt=8).

The exciting part is that kids will just think they are playing games, but we know that they are learning money skills. The Green$treets App was just released on November 29, 2012, and it’s already soared to #1 in the Educational Gaming category! We amassed the most creative team to make this App happen:  Neale’s cartoon characters, who all have a financial personality were redesigned by Tom Hester, creator of Shrek; her chief visionary is Laird Malamed, former Head of Development from Activision Blizzard, Inc., who created Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and Skylanders.

We also connect with parents/grandparents/educators, via e-mail as children play the App, so that adults can reinforce the learning in real life.  We further connect with the important adults in a child’s life via our web site, to offer bi-monthly newsletter containing money activities so that, indeed, you can make your world your classroom with the kids. www.greenstreetcommons.com


There is a huge opportunity for sponsors to connect with their clients in a new and revolutionary way.  We want sponsors to join us.  Sponsors can offer branded financial and non-financial products via our educational programs.  We will custom design robust offerings. We even have the ability to create sponsor-branded mini-games within our Green$treets world!

We want sponsors who want to reach their clients with cutting edge technology that is new and fresh.  We want those sponsors to utilize Neale’s Content Vault of more than 30 years in this space and her winning development team.  We will work with sponsor’s internal teams to make this happen.


  • www.GreenstreetCommons.com – A web site that connects us and sponsors to the important people in a child’s life.  Kids are the conduit to the parents and grandparents.  “It takes a village” to raise financially responsible children and Neale will be there to help parents, grandparents and educators every step of the way.  This web site will give sponsors the ability to talk to adults about their financial lives, as well.  Neale will stay in touch with subscribers on a bi-monthly basis with parents/grandparents/educators and even answer questions and conduct live teleconferences.
  • Shmootz™ - We would like you to meet our latest character, Shmootz™.  He is our gooey, loveable, fuchsia slob, who is a metaphor for the fact that we all have “messes” in our lives that need to be cleaned up.  Don’t you have Shmootz™ in your life?  It doesn’t matter who creates the problem, together we have to solve it.  We are going to be creating “Shmootz™ Happens” community service events all over the country.  Parents, grandparents, educators, corporations, not for profits, schools…everyone can get together to find Shmootz™ in their community that needs to be cleaned up.  This is a great opportunity for sponsors to join us!


Neale Godfrey, CEO & Chairman
Children's Financial Network, Inc. & Green$treet Commons, Inc.
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