07/11/2014 - BizKid$ LLC

BizKid$ is a national financial education initiative based on the Emmy Award-winning public television series that teaches kids about money and business.The series
includes 65 episodes to date and reaches almost one million viewers per episode on public television, and is now in commercial syndication across the United States as well.
BizKid$ also airs in Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and on the American Forces Network worldwide. The BizKid$ mission is to help kids understand
money and learn to manage the business of their lives. BizKid$ ’s partners in this work include the National Credit Union Foundation, the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal
Financial Literacy, and multiple schools across the country.


  • BizKid$ Financial Education Resources

Using a blend of entertainment and education, each BizKid$ episode shows kids how to make and manage money by introducing concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. To keep young viewers engaged, the series includes a fast-paced mix of direct education, sketch comedies, animation, and stories featuring real life young entrepreneurs. The reach of the show is extended by a resource rich website with free companion down-loadable lesson plans for every episode, with mapping to all national standards and multiple state standards. The website also has extensive content for teachers, parents, and kids including video games, video clips and business resource materials. The episodes are also available for streaming and on DVD through our educational distributor at www.filmideas.com.

  • BizKid$ “Banking & Financial Systems”

BizKid$ worked with Goodheart-Wilcox to write and publish a high school textbook entitled “Banking & Financial Systems.” It is written especially for teens to introduce
them to the business of banking. Preparing students to be competent consumers and employees, concepts about banking operations, the Federal Reserve and other
relevant topics provide an understanding of how banks function within society. This book aligns with the National Jump$tart Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education.

BizKid$ is completely committed to teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship education to today’s youth. We are working to build the awareness and utilization of the series and all of its companion resources throughout the country.


  • BizKid$’ website has a new “Biz Resources” page at www.bizkids.com. This section of the website offers great new resources for kids who want to start or grow their own businesses. There are free downloadable materials, i.e., a sample business plan, tips on marketing products or service businesses, and a worksheet for figuring out whether you’re making a profit or not. Also a great tip sheet on interviewing for jobs.
  • BizKid$ also has a new “Teacher’s Forum” on the website. Teachers and volunteers are invited to share their ideas about using BizKid$ in the classroom and in after-school activities. It’s also a perfect place to reach out to BizKid$ with questions and seek help to find resources. Check out this link: www.bizkids.com/forums.
  • BizKid$ has updated all of our Lesson Plans and expanded the mapping of the lesson plans to all the national financial literacy, entrepreneurship standards and the Common Core standards. In addition, we have mapped the lessons to many state education standards at www.bizkids.com/teachers/standards. The lesson plans are now searchable by lesson topic, grade level and television season. The link is www.bizkids.com/teachers.

Jamie Hammond
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