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BancVue is the leading provider of innovative products, marketing, and consulting solutions to community financial institutions nationwide. Serving over 700 community banks and credit unions around the country, BancVue’s solutions allow these institutions to compete and win in the war against the megabanks and direct banks. Community financial institutions benefit from the development and implementation of BancVue products like Kasasa®, a national brand of superior products that gives community financial institutions marketing scale, and REALChecking®, a system of groundbreaking products, superior marketing, and data-driven consulting.

BancVue's MoneyIsland

BancVue's MoneyIsland is an exciting online world, provided by community banks and credit unions, where kids learn financial skills and earn rewards by going on fun adventures. The product includes lesson plans linked to the online experience as well as workbooks that resemble passports. It is a great resource for community banks and credit unions to provide financial education to their account holders along with schools and programs in their community.

In MoneyIsland, kids go on “quests” to landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Atlantis where interactive animations and games teach subjects including setting a budget and using credit wisely. Over time, the player becomes a “guru” who will return to the mainland (i.e. the real world) in a submarine by paying off debt and building assets. Meanwhile, adults are able to follow and customize their kids’ experiences through a dynamic administrative interface.

Kids’ achievements, which they also track in their physical Passport, earn them virtual currency that can be used to buy real-life rewards like music, books, or deposits into a bank account! Some community financial institutions even offer kids savings accounts deposits for success in MoneyIsland.

Seth Forsyth
General Manager of MoneyIsland
4516 Seton Center Parkway, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78759
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