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Based in Austin, Texas, BancVue, Ltd provides innovative products and marketing services to community banks and credit unions in the US. BancVue’s mission is to help community financial institutions by providing industry-leading products to financial institutions that normally have trouble competing against megabanks. www.BancVue.com 

BancVue is consistently growing its financial literacy programs with the belief that financial education resources can help community financial institutions strengthen relationships within their communities and provide a much-needed service in their markets. The flagship product in BancVue’s financial literacy offerings is MoneyIsland™, an epic online adventure game and offline curriculum for tweens that aligns both with standards set by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, as well as the Common Core in math.


MoneyIsland™ Created by a former Washington, D.C., Teacher of the Year, MoneyIsland is an online money management game that teaches kids how to make the most of their financial future. Once described as "Super Mario Brothers meets Monopoly," this one-of-a-kind financial literacy tool makes it fun to learn and fun to earn.  

The MoneyIsland game tells the story of a little boy who never learned how spend, save, invest, and share. So he ran away to a far off island, where his heart (and the rest of him) turned to stone, and he became the epic character - Stone Broke. It is the mission of each kid on MoneyIsland to find Stone Broke and bring him back home to the mainland, learning financial lessons along the way.  

In addition to the epic adventure game, MoneyIsland offers teaching resources that make MoneyIsland a perfect, plug-n-play fit for the classroom, while still delivering a complete experience for kids playing MoneyIsland at home. 

The learning continues on MoneyIsland through mini-games, Guru blogs designed to reinforce the financial lessons of the game through blog posts written for kids, and articles written for parents and teachers to help them talk to kids about personal finance. 

Since its launch in 2011, MoneyIsland has garnered accolades such as Best In Show at Finovate (2011), the Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award (2013), and the CUNA Diamond Award (2014) in conjunction with a credit union in Alabama.  To date, over 100,000 kids have visited MoneyIsland to start down the path of becoming financial gurus. From Florida to Alaska (and even in Guam!), kids are using MoneyIsland to gain financial knowledge and a working vocabulary for personal finance. www.MoneyIsland.com.  


The only parent-designed, kid-tested allowance app that helps kids spend, share, and save smart. PiggyBot is a fun, easy way to track allowance spending and saving. No missed allowance, no forgetting IOUs, just money smarts turned fun!

Instead of cash, your kids have a virtual balance with you. Think of it as an IOU you can verify. Each child will have separate Spend-It, Share-It, and Save-It accounts. You decide how to allocate their allowance.

Kids can set goals, take pictures of things they want, share money, and more. When they save enough, we call them a “Goal Getter!” And thereʼs a fun screen to show off the items they purchased, reinforcing principles of saving for wants, needs, and nice-to-haves.

This free app is just one way we give families the tools you need to talk about smart spending, smart sharing, and smart saving. Itʼs a virtual piggy bank that pays off in real life!

Since April 2014, PiggyBot has received great success. Some examples:

  • Rated #1 app and featured in iTunes® App Store
  • Featured in USA Today
  • 2014 Appy Award winner – Parenting and Teaching
  • 2014 MarCom Award – Mobile App  


BancVue is committed to helping community financial institutions build strong relationships in their communities, and MoneyIsland is part of that commitment by building relationships through financial literacy. BancVue seeks to create a generation of financial gurus who understand the value of local banks and credit unions, and to impact their futures by teaching important lessons through a format with which kids are familiar: online games and mobile apps.  


MoneyIsland is now on iPad in addition to desktop and laptop computers, thus increasing the reach and usability of the MoneyIsland program in the classroom and at home. 


Seth Forsyth
General Manager, Financial Literacy Programs
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