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AWARE (Americans Well-informed on Automobile Retailing Economics) is a vehicle-financing industry coalition that helps consumers understand how auto financing works. The group provides potential buyers of new and used autos with the information, tools and resources they need to navigate the vehicle financing process successfully. The membership of AWARE includes the American Financial Services Association, National Automobile Dealers Association, National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers, American International Automobile Dealers Association, automobile dealers and finance companies. AWARE seeks to ensure that financing remains available and affordable to the broadest possible spectrum of consumers.


Financing is a key part of the automobile shopping experience, but is often the least understood. To help high school and college students, as well as their parents, navigate this crucial part of the process, AWARE created the Auto Financing Road Map.

The free Auto Financing Road Map offers educators all of the resources and tools needed to hold a vehicle financing workshop or incorporate vehicle financing principles into an existing financial literacy program. The guide has been used by schools and community groups across the country. The materials provide students with a greater understanding of vehicle financing, the options available to them and their parents, and the significant responsibility of owning a car.

The roadmap kit is available both in print and online at www.autofinancing101.org/learning_suite/roadmap.cfm and contains:

  • PowerPoint Presentations to aid instruction – Walks educators through a presentation on vehicle financing basics. 
  • “Affordability Gauge” Budget Worksheet – Daily and monthly versions help shoppers determine how much they can afford for a vehicle and track savings for a down payment.
  • Comparison Worksheet – Shows how to compare vehicle financing rate quotes from multiple creditors. Compares all contract terms, conditions and the overall cost of credit, in addition to the monthly payment.
  • Auto Financing Quiz – Tests users’ knowledge of the concepts presented.
  • Glossary – Defines common auto financing terms.

Other resources, such as an auto finance calculator and interactive learning modules, are available to consumers, teachers, students and parents on the website www.autofinancing101.org.


AWARE’s membership is committed to helping consumers understand vehicle financing. The group strives to build awareness of the toolkit to expand outreach to schools and community groups across the country.


Website: www.autofinancing101.org
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Phone: (888) 400-7577