06/27/2014 - American Savings Education Council

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The American Savings Education Council (ASEC) was formed to undertake and encourage initiatives aimed at raising public awareness about what is needed to ensure long-term financial security in retirement successfully. ASEC, a program of the Employee Benefit Research Institute Education and Research Fund (EBRI-ERF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a nonpartisan, non-lobbying council of private and public organizations that does not take positions on specific policy proposals.
The ASEC goal is to make retirement planning and saving a vital, permanent concern in the lives of Americans and in the economic interests of employers.  ASEC welcomes bipartisan support for its initiatives on raising awareness about planning and saving for retirement.

All ASEC initiatives seek to encourage Americans to plan and save for retirement by starting early, letting their savings grow, and taking full advantage of retirement saving options. ASEC initiatives seek to encourage employers to offer retirement programs, savings programs, and retirement planning education through:

  • Facilitating Discussion/Interaction: ASEC is the major national forum for organizations to meet and discuss the challenges all face in trying to persuade individuals to save money. ASEC hosts two large meetings each year where partners have the opportunity to network with other organizations.  Moreover, the ASEC Government Interagency Group (GIG), made up of more than two dozen government agencies, meets regularly to discuss government-specific initiatives and how to build and enhance partnerships with the private sector.
  • Sharing Information: Through regular partner emails, a monthly newsletter, and forum participation, ASEC works to help develop and keep open vital lines of communication among organizations and individuals committed to helping make savings a priority for all Americans.     
  • Building Awareness: ASEC works to build individual and employer awareness of the basic principles of retirement planning and saving, including all potential sources of economic security, including Social Security, Medicare, traditional pension plans, profit-sharing plans, employment-based retiree medical benefits, long-term care benefits, savings programs such as 401(k), 403(b), 457, and simplified employee pension plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), personal assets, home equity, and others.
  • Providing Resources: ASEC seeks to elevate the retirement savings issue on the list of concerns and priorities for both individuals and the nation by building individual and employer awareness of the basic principles of retirement planning and saving through its semi-annual partners’ meetings, ongoing public service announcement campaigns, and an expansive list of free resources on its website, notably the Ballpark E$timate retirement calculator, as well as providing a clearinghouse of ASEC partners' resources and activities and resources and activities of other organizations that seek to raise public awareness about what is needed to ensure retirement security.


  • Join/support ASEC — either as a Mission Partner, or with a level of funding support.  
  • Check out the free resources at www.choosetosave.org.
  • Recommend other resources that would be useful additions to www.choosetosave.org.
  • Share the word about the free resources available at www.choosetosave.org.


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