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American Institute for Economic Research

The mission of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is to provide factual, unbiased research and critical analysis based on the principals of positive economics. We educate individuals on how to protect their interests and help policymakers make informed decisions for a better America.

Program Services


The partnership with Jumpstart connects to AIER’s longstanding commitment to education through a program that will teach the teachers both the basic tenants of financial literacy and the economic fundamentals that underlie all sound financial decisions. Back in their home classrooms, AIER-trained educators will bring this knowledge to a large network of young people.
The AIER curriculum is designed to help future generations live more productive and secure lives by cultivating two intimately connected skill sets. One directly fosters financial literacy by outlining the basic steps that allow individuals to determine the financial choices that best suit their goals. The other fosters economic literacy and the ability to make continued good decisions through changing times by demystifying the forces that shape the financial landscape.


Dr. Steven R. Cunningham
Director of Research and Education
260 Division Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230
413-528-1216 x 3118
518-528-0103 (FAX)
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