02/20/2015 - Ally Financial

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Ally Financial is a leading automotive financial services company powered by a top direct banking franchise. The Ally automotive services business offers a full spectrum of financial products and services, including new and used vehicle inventory and consumer financing, leasing, vehicle service contracts, commercial loans, and vehicle remarketing services, as well as a variety of insurance offerings, including inventory insurance, insurance consultative services for dealers, and other ancillary products.

Ally Bank, the direct banking subsidiary and member FDIC, offers an array of deposit products, including certificates of deposit, savings accounts, money market accounts, IRA deposit products, and interest checking. The Ally Corporate Finance unit provides financing to middle-market companies across a broad range of industries.

As a financial services company that reaches millions of consumers each year, it is important to help create a well-informed consumer. Ally offers a financial literacy program called Wallet Wise that is designed to help consumers explore basic personal finance topics and steer them towards making wise decisions about their finances.

Ally Wallet Wise offers community-based, in-person sessions, as well as online courses through www.allywalletwise.com. Both options are available at no cost to consumers. Since 2011, more than 61,000 consumers have taken the Wallet Wise financial literacy curriculum on the topics of credit, budget, banking and investing, and auto financing.

As a leading financial services company, Ally believes that the ability to make smart, well-informed decisions about spending and financial habits is knowledge all consumers should have at their disposal. The Ally Wallet Wise program arms consumers with the tools necessary to navigate life’s many financial choices. Ally would like your support in promoting in-person and online sessions. Please find a list of in-person classes or online courses at www.allywalletwise.com.

In addition to providing free financial education courses, Ally has announced it will begin offering its auto finance customers free access to their FICO® score as a means to better understand their credit health. The effort will begin with a pilot program in February and a full launch in the summer. The FICO score will be available to customers who have established profiles with Ally Auto Online Services (www.ally.com/auto/) or the Ally Auto Mobile Pay app.

Jacqueline Howard     
Manager of Corporate Citizenship                                
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