A Financially Literate Future

Creating a Financially Literate Future

Jumpstart and its national partners are on a mission to create #afinlitfuture, and we'd like you to join. 


Our #afinlitfuture campaign is designed to build awareness about the importance of financial literacy. Jump$tart and our partners are working together to create a financially literate future, and invite you to join us by:

  • Making a donation to support the cause.
  • Using your social media channels to share the importance of creating a financially literate future by using the hashtag #afinlitfuture. (Ideas below to get you started.)

Suggested Tweets and Posts



  • What are you plans for promoting #afintitfuture during #FLM2017? Share below.
  • Join us as we celebrate April – Financial Literacy Month. Together, we can “Unlock #afinlitfuture!” To help you celebrate at home and in the classroom, we have resources to help you get the conversations and activities started jumpstart.org/FLM2017
  • Unlock #afinlitfuture with educational resources from jumpstartclearinghouse.org #FLM2017 #afinlitfuture
  • Check out jumpstart.org/finlitfacts. You'll see why #afinlitfuture is so importance - year round, not just #FLM2017
  • Did you know: In 2003, the U.S. Senate designated April as Financial Literacy for Youth Month. 14 years later: #FLM2017 #afinlitfuture
  • Did you know: @natljumpstart is the original promoter of Financial Literacy Month #FLM2017 #afinlitfuture

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Any amount appreciated!

For questions or more information, contact. info@jumpstart.org.